Looking for the Consummate L.A. experience? Look no further.

Magic Castle Hotel Review:
Looking for the Consummate L.A. experience? Look no further.

I found this place by Googling something like Magical Places. I'd heard of the Magic Castle, but wasn't aware there was a hotel on the property. Cheers to creative web searching, because OMG.

It isn't just that they greet you with a flute of sparkling lemonade at check-in. It isn't even just that they hand you a list of all the free snacks on offer, and tell you that you can get as many as want, and they don't judge. Maybe it isn't even the free soft serve ice cream bar, or the complimentary soda fountain. It's all of it.


"You won't find amenities like this anywhere else. You really won't."


It's the happy bright yellow that is reminiscent of the 40's...the yellow that compliments the blue pool, and reflects all of that lovely light into the blue sky above you. Its the Popsicle hotline at the pool, where you press a button, and boom, a cheerful Magic Castle staff member appears, bearing a rainbow of flavors to choose from. It's the turn-down service where you get free slippers. And if you happen to have a bag of dirty laundry hanging out in your car, bring it, because they will wash it for you. All of it. For free. Did I mention that if you want coffee, you simply walk down to the desk, and they make you up a tray with a silver pot to take back to your room? Yes, this is also free.

Hollywood Boulevard is about a three minute walk away. So when you get tired of all the luxurious indulgence and want to people watch or just take a stroll, you don't have far to go.

I hesitate to submit this review because once I do, this place will probably be booked for years. And well, it should be. You won't find amenities like this anywhere else. You really won't.

And it's not just all the free stuff. The people who work there will absolutely reaffirm your faith in humanity. It's that good. The music is good. The people are amazing. The rooms are spacious, the beds could not be more comfortable. This place makes me proud to be a native Californian, and especially makes me happy to live in San Diego, so I don't have to get on a plane to go back there soon. This establishment is completely family friendly, but do yourself a favor...grab a few friends, reserve one of the spacious 6-person suites, and just enjoy the hell out of yourself.

This place is one in a million. And you don't have to be a millionaire to go.


Heidi H. 

A TripAdvisor Member

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